May 31, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays #7: Rainbow Sherbert

It's 95 degrees outside and it's only May. I'm not looking forward to the temperature rising (if it does) when it's actually summer in July & August. Wearing black to work at Accessorize doesn't help much, either. Nonetheless, I'm still in a colorful and cheery mood which brings me to today's edition of Tasty Tuesdays: Rainbow Sherbert! Ready for a tasty treat and a colorful look to match? Read on... (:

The Spring 2011 runways were showcased with a number of colorblock and brightly hued garments, shoes, accessories, and even make-up. To name a few, Haider Ackermann presented us with teal and electric blue pigments; Aquilano Rimondi combined flashy citrus hues; and Raf Simons cleverly taught us that brights look fantastic with black and other neutrals.

These looks make me me want a cold dessert really bad - sherbert to be exact! Since it's not officially summer, I'll be sharing a rainbow sherbert ice-cream cake recipe, followed by a brightly colored look to wear while you eat the treat (;


This treat is SUPER easy to make but will have your friends & family thinking you spent hours upon hours creating a delicious and fancy dessert. It's a perfectly refreshing summer delight featuring orange, raspberry, and lime sherbert layered with angel food cake - yummy!

Ingredients (10 servings)
  • 1 (9 in) angel food cake
  • 1 pint orange sherbert, softened
  • 1 pint raspberry sherbert, softened
  • 1 pint lime sherbert, softened
  • 1 (12 oz) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 1-2 cups sliced fresh fruit (optional)
  1. Slice angel food cake crosswise to make four layers.
  2. Place the bottom layer on a serving plate, then spread orange sherbet evenly on top. 
  3. Repeat with the remaining cake layers and spread the raspberry and lime sherbets. Finish with final layer of cake. 
  4. Frost the sides and top with whipped topping, and place in freezer for 1 hour, or until firm.
  5. Add small slices of fresh fruit on top for an even greater splash of refreshing flavors!
How easy does that sound?! I've tried this before and it's absolutely delicious, refreshing, and simply does the job on a hot day.  You don't have to be an expert at cooking/baking to create delicious treats. That's why I share recipes like this - they're quick and easy as pie, yet have people thinking you're an absolute pro! Being sneaky is fun (;

For an equally colorful outfit, I've put together two looks - one for day and one for night - to prep you for an even brighter spring and summer. Even if your wardrobe palette is neutral or dark, adding a splash of color is easy - whether it be with jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, or as simple as a handbag - and instantly transforms your entire look, while still showcasing your personal style.

Looks #1: Day


Sunkissed by abcDanah 

Sweet and sunny colors like reds, yellow, and oranges are an instant pick-me-up for any occasion. Yellow is known to be a happy color after all, and with these outfits, you're bound to put a smile on someone's face.

The first is a modern twist on the typical sailor look - instead of using colors like navy, white, and red, I chose a deep coral and bright yellow. The classic striped button-down paired with high-waisted double-breasted shorts gives an edgy, yet sophisticated twist on the typical captain look.

Next, if you're in the mood to be flirty and feminine, try a yellow burnout skirt like this one from Topshop. The skirt already adds flair in your look with the attached bow belt. Adding a simple top and a sun hat as a finishing touch is all you need to perfect your super sunny style!

For those casual days where you still want bursts of color, try the bold move of skinny red pants. A La Balmain (who I'm totally obsessed with) and Isabel Marant, the piece hit runways hard for this spring and summer. Not your ordinary colored bottoms, you're already standing out from the crowd; when pairing with an equally bright and bold top, you're seriously ready to stomp the streets in confidence. Why wouldn't you be?! Red is hot.

Looks #2: Night

sweet summer

sweet summer by abcDanah 

No one said you have to be dark on a dark night; widen your spectrum of colors by adding these flashy hues for a lively look!

I love color-blocking right now, which is sort of obvious with the looks above. The first look is fun and flirty, with a mini floral print bandeau dress in a bright yellow. I paired it with a patent leather pink belt to spice it up just a bit, and finally kicked it off with pink and yellow peep-toe pumps. Adding a lightweight cardigan in a pink similar to the belt is a perfect way to keep cool in those summer nights, while still looking sweet.

Next is for those ladies who love bending the rules a bit when it comes to classic looks. Satin shorts already scream sexy and in a lime green, you know you're ready to have fun! Pair it with a brightly hued silk top for even more lush appeal. Sleek bronze pumps are an excellent choice for a shoe - muted and neutral, yet still making a statement.

For those of us who love bandage skirts and anything rocker-chic, we probably tend to stick to just one hot color in our look, and use a neutral color as the base. Flavor it up a notch or two by color-blocking your skirt and top. Here, I paired a bright teal one-shoulder top with a hot fuchsia bandage skirt! You want to accentuate your waist even more as well as completing the separation of the two pieces by adding a belt. Simple black pumps finish off this edgy look.

Well now I'm hungry for some ice-cream and want
to go paint the town (even though its blazing hot out)
 in streaks of bright colors. 

What are your favorite color-blocking combos? 
Are these looks too crazy for you or exactly what
you've been wanting to experiment with?!
Share in the comments!

Go play in the sun and have a fun day ladies!
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May 27, 2011

Friday Favorites #3: Viktoriya Sasonkina in Flowers Bloom


This week's edition of Friday Favorites includes the most recent issue of W Asia and the surrealistic photoshoot by David Byun starring Ukranian model Viktoriya Sasonkina. Styled by Daniela Jung, the shoot was destructive in the most beautiful way possible. Finding light in a dark world by holding on to a blooming flower, the realistic story and message behind the set is one of hope - something we should all hold on to each and every day. 

Upon creating an outfit inspired by the shoot, the polka-dot tights captured my attention the most, along with the feminine yet dark essence of the environment and clothing. Almost like a dark, modern-day lolita.
flowers bloom

flowers bloom by abcDanah 

Happy Friday! Hold on to hope (:

images via fashiongonerogue

May 26, 2011

Three Ways to Wear #1: Denim

As I've been updating my blog and tweaking the site a bit to allow easier navigation and better presentation, I've also come across some great ideas for posts (at least, I hope they are!) I feel I perform more efficient when I have a structured schedule; and I've finally designed one that will enable me to run my blog smoothly on a daily basis to ensure you are all benefiting from it and enjoying every bit (:

For today, and every Thursday here on out, I will be doing a "Three Ways to Wear..." post. This will consist of a particular item of clothing or accessory, shoes, fabrics, and anything to do with fashion - chosen by myself or you  - and how you can style/wear it three different ways. I feel this is a great method of showcasing not only my styling but will also help in guiding certain trends and looks catered to a spectrum of styles out there. Please do send any and all topics over at my formspring that you are interested in learning more about - whether it's a type of shoe, accessory, specific fabric (today is denim for example), article of clothing, and anything else you have in mind. Let's take a flashback to the 70s and 90s today with DENIM!

Thanks to spring's hub on seventies and nineties fashion, many of the looks from then are now back in motion. Denim has definitely made a huge comeback this year - and I'm not talking about your go-to denim jeans - and was showcased in various ways on the runway. The trend isn't only seen in your jeans, shorts, and skirts - nowadays, we're seeing denim dresses, vests, and jumpers/rompers. Many are hesitant to try the fabric in a new fashion since it can end up looking, well, old-fashioned (Saved By the Bell, anyone?! Let's not go there.) To avoid this, keep these easy tips in mind and definitely take the looks I've created below as inspiration for the next time you shop for a new piece of denim!

Hot Tips
  • Spruce up a simple denim dress by adding a braided, buckled, or wide belt. The quick accessory gives your look an instant boho-chic vibe. Top it off with embellished sandals or platforms and don't be afraid to accessorize!
  • Sometimes mixing two time periods in fashion (70s and 90s in this case) can be tricky, but since the two have made a comeback, flared bottoms and denim have been seen everywhere. Tuck your favorite blouse into a pair of wide-leg bottoms, add a simple belt, and get ready to flatter your shape in no time!
  • If you're feeling super confident and loving denim more than ever, look for a romper or jumper. The piece is not only edgy and sexy, but very comfortable, too. This is also one of the only times (I feel) you can get away with wearing a head-to-toe denim look. Otherwise you'll just look like a 90s soccer mom - who wants that? Not me...
  • Ensure that whichever piece of denim you purchase actually fits. The fabric is tricky and when poorly fitted can leave you with a very unflattering look.
  • Denim vests look great over dresses and even paired with skirts or jeans/pants:
    • Keep an eye out for a fitted and cropped shape as the most flattering ones hit right below your natural waistline. I'm not particularly fond of long baggy pieces as they present an unflattering 90s flashback.
    • Look for a variety of washes from dark, medium, to light, and even white (as seen below). Dark is perfect for night and can be perfectly paired with leggings or leather pants or on top of bodycon dresses for a super edgy look. Lighter washes as well as white give you a flirty and feminine vibe when paired with floral dresses, striped skirts, or loose shorts.
  • Since denim is a strong fabric, keep your accessories simple. They don't have to be minimal - loading up on bracelets is a huge hit this spring and summer - but make sure the pieces aren't bulky or your main denim piece will get lost in the background, making your complete outfit a bit messy.

Denim dresses are a great alternative to the typical chiffon, cotton, and other lightweight fabrics we wear in the spring and summer. Since denim can be quite minimilastic in dress form, follow these hot tips:
  • Add a pop of color with a bright colored cardigan, scarf, or blazer. You'll keep warm on a breezy night and be able to transport from work to play while staying polished. 
  • Include a statement piece of jewelry to add a bit of spice to plain denim.
  • Wear embellished shoes - ballet flats, gladiator sandals, or heels - so long as they're decorative! Think beads and jewels; even bows are especially cute and popular this season!  
  • Accessorize it even more with a belt! Like supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio does above (although, her belt is attached), adding a braided belt looks boho-chic and accentuates your waist to flatter your figure even more!
Ways to Wear Denim #2: Vests

Ways to Wear Denim #2: Vests by abcDanah 

You may reminisce 80s metal and 90s grunge when thinking of a denim vest, but the updated modern look can be styled in sweet and sassy ways. Nowadays, the vest doesn't only come in hues of light blue denim and loose fits - look for alternatives from light pink or white and cropped for a feminine and sweet look to singled breasted and fitted dark blues for an edgier take.

Ways to Wear Denim #3: Jumpsuits & Rompers

Ways to Wear Denim #3: Jumpsuits & Rompers by abcDanah 

I've never loved rompers and jumpsuits as much as I do now. They are so comfortable, can easily be casual or dressy, and can definitely take you from work to play in an instant. Denim ones use to be outdated, but the fit and look of them now is better than ever. For a long and tight-fit option, you want to keep your accessories minimal since the piece is already strong and sexy. Feel free to go with bold shoes with buckles and other hard embellishments. For a sweet and short romper, you can get away with adding bundles of necklaces and bracelets. Keep your shoes in a neutral hue, especially when wearing a light-wash denim. Definitely do experiment with cuts to ensure you're flattering your body type!

So ladies, what do you think? Will you be wearing denim
in more ways than one this spring and summer? What 
is your favorite way to wear it? Share in the comment fields!

And don't forget to spring your questions and suggestions to me for 'Saturday Secrets' and 'Three Ways to Wear...' (and anything else, really!) over at my formspring - whether it's a type of shoe, accessory, specific fabric (today is denim for example), article of clothing, and anything else you have in mind!

    May 21, 2011

    Saturday Secrets: White-Button Down Revamped!

    This week's edition of Saturday Secrets was thought of upon looking around my closet and noticing I had almost nothing to wear with the one white button-down I have. This is obviously unacceptable since everyone should own a few pairs of white button-downs in various styles and fits to be able to wear them a number of ways for different occasions!

    This piece is one of the most classic and versatile items of clothing that every fashionista should own. It is a go-to item which can instantly be styled in ways that you may have never tried or even thought of – from dress pants to jeans or shorts to any kind of skirt or dress. Although there are several options to go about styling this piece, many people tend to get stuck in the rut of wearing it in a conventional way, such as tucked into a simple pencil skirt. While this is a chic choice, it's time for a change - this spring and summer and here on out, challenge yourself to take your trusty white button-down and wear it in modern, fashionable ways. Below are some inspirational looks to get you started for casual days, evening wear, and office attire.

    White Button-down: Casual Cool

    White Button-down: Casual Cool by abcDanah 

    For those days when you're doing a lot of walking and need a quick and casual, yet chic outfit, these three looks above are definite go-to's. The first one is very relaxed, featuring a simple button-down shirtdress: shirtdresses are not only very trendy right now but extremely comfortable and give you an instant-chic look. The braided belt cinches your waist and adds a boho-chic, flirty vibe. Paired with a bright coral crossbody bag, you can carry your essentials without the bulk of a tote or messenger bag. Lastly, kicking it off with a pair of colorblock wedges completes the look perfectly. For me, wedges are much more comfortable to walk in than pumps and other heels if I'd like to add height but minimize discomfort and tiresomeness.

    For a daytime summer look, pair a cute, ruffled, short-sleeve button down with high-waisted shorts. Let the shorts be loose rather than fitted to maximize the ease of your look while still looking super chic. Pair the outfit with a bright and pretty ballet flat and cap it off with a straw fedora. For a night out, pair the shirt with black leather or suede shorts, embellished flats and bold accessories.

    When grabbing lunch with your colleagues or any professionals, you want to look polished and stylish but not appear like you are trying too hard or even worse, going overboard. Opt for a pair of elastic waist, slim fit trousers - this piece gives you a casual-cool look, appropriate enough for work and play. A bright-hued pair of flats livens the outfit even more and the drape cardigan gives you extra movement and complements the comfort of the trouser.

    White Button-down: Office Chic

    White Button-down: Office Chic by abcDanah 

    Nothing screams ‘boring’ like pairing a simple white button-down with black pants. To spice up those 9-to-5 outfits, try tucking a white blouse into a high-waisted fitted skirt (black is optional!), and complete the outfit with a fitted or draped cardigan and skinny belt fastened over the sweater. To keep the look even more current, accentuate your waist with a wide belt (when not wearing with a cardigan), roll the cuffs of the shirt, and keep the skirt length slightly above the knee. Don’t forget to accessorize: adding that buckle belt in a bold color as mentioned gives you a confident look already, and the addition of classic jewelry such as a menswear watch, stone stud earrings and stacked rings livens your office-chic ensemble. The polished peep-toe pumps with a striking, thick metal heel gives you an edge and a new take on what's normally seen in the office. Don't be afraid to experiment with the work attire you already have, to really revive it!

    White button-down: Effortless Evening

    White button-down: Effortless Evening by abcDanah

    Designers have been revamping their evening looks to an entirely different and higher level and I couldn't be more excited! Don’t let the word ‘evening’ fool you into sticking with neutral and dark colors! With the proper combination, a white button-down can make a fabulous impression on a night out - think bright, bold colors and color-blocking. Two options are featured above - one with a skirt and one with a seventies-inspired wide-leg trouser (huge hit right now!) The first features a single breasted blouse tucked into a bright orange mid-thigh skirt paired with blue and orange color-block platform pumps. You probably wouldn't think of pairing orange and blue, right?! Look how well the colors go together! Maximum impact - done.

    For a pants option, try sporting the popular seventies trend of wide-leg trousers in a bright orange hue, paired with yellow heels and accessories. Finish off both looks with matching jewelry - this is definitely a time to not be afraid (well, you never should be, anyway, so long as it looks good!) to pile on your jewelry to literally match your outfit. The spring colors are crisp and bright, which makes it more than OK to create an outfit that looks like, well, almost a painting (seriously these types of outfits make me appreciate art even more... and have me craving a smoothie or something)

    Spring has already sprung, so ladies, create a fresh start by grabbing one of your favorite white button-down shirts and styling it in one (or all!) of these chic ways! 

    Do you have a unique way of styling your button-down?
    Share in the comments below!

    Also, don't forget to send in your questions and suggestions
    for future 'Saturday Secrets' - I love creating guides for you all
    and helping you get out of any fashion rut you may be in!

    May 18, 2011

    Wednesday Wishlist #3

    I have been in a particularly colorful and cheerful mood lately, hence why this week’s edition of my “Wednesday Wishlist” (which you will find below) is bright and spring-filled! I recently finished up my last semester at NVCC (aside from this Math class I’m taking right now, but I am trying to slide that off my mind!), and I’m beyond excited to move on to bigger and better things at George Mason, and finally start concentrating on my major, Communications and Journalism. Along with school being a hit for a change, I landed my absolute dream job as a stylist at the Betsey Johnson store in Tyson’s Galleria. I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I was upon receiving the phone call from Jane (manager and area manager at Betsey - Tyson’s Galleria), but let’s just say I had to hold my mouth shut to avoid my happy scream! Being a Betsey Girl has always been a major dream of mine, and although I’ve always claimed myself as one, it’s fantastic to know there is true meaning behind it now. The ladies I work with are wonderful and the environment is, well, Betsey: fun, positive, energetic, beautiful, and confident. I will definitely be updating my journey at Betsey with everything I learn, what I get to experience, and any and all of the fun perks that you can also benefit from!

    Let's get down to my wishlist (:
    1. Wallet. I’ve been in need of a new wallet for quite some time now. The one I have in terms of convenience, shape, and design is perfect, but it’s starting to wear out a bit since I got it around three years ago on clearance at Urban Outfitters. I’m still on the look out for one that I absolutely love - I prefer zipper but snap-closures are alright; I want something bright like this yellow one by Marc Jacobs or the pink one by Fossil; and the inside must have double compartments with slots for cards. Let me know if you’ve seen any!
    2. Bright crossbody bag. Upon first deciding that I needed a crossbody bag to take with me on long, casual days this spring and summer, I opted for a black or nude one. However... again, I’m obsessed with bright colors lately and adding one like this to a neutral-hued outfit will give any look instant character and liveliness. That orange seriously makes me want an orange.
    3. White tights. Clean, simple, fresh, perfect for spring underneath shorts, dresses, and skirts. Pretty self-explanatory! 
    4. Skinny black buckle belt - Mine unfortunately broke in half, considering I’ve had them for over 7 years now. I saw a few at H&M and Forever 21, so I might snag them this week!
    5. Skinny braided camel/brown belt - Same as above (:
    6. Lipgloss. This has never been a necessity for me, but I feel like it’s becoming one lately as I don’t wear a lot of make-up anywhere, but I would like some color on my lips. I heard the Maybelline Shine Sensational not only smells good but has a bold color - any thoughts? What are your favorite non-sticky, yummy-smelling, highly pigmented lip-glosses?
    7. Foundation. I’ve been in desperate need of a new foundation for the past year now. For a little over three years now, I’ve been using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. It worked pretty well, it lasted a long time (except in heat, humidity and if I sweat), and the color was almost like my natural skin tone. The only downsides were that I went through the little jar way too fast, the color wasn’t exact which I didn’t like, and the consistency on my face changed overtime since my skin became drier. After HEAVY (and boy do I mean heavy...) research, I decided to go with the Rimmel Lasting Finish. So far, so good! I’ve never used liquid before but I must say I love how natural it looks and feels and this one literally stayed on from 10am to past midnight - incredible!
    8. Short wedges. I won a contest for GoJane a few weeks ago and was rewarded a pair of super edgy-chic beige buckle wedges which I am absolutely in love with. Five-inch heels aren't exactly practical for me to wear everyday when I work full-time, though. When I want some (extra) height and glam but I’m not up for wearing 3-5 inch heels, I’d like to grab a pair of cute and simple short wedges. These peep-toe bow wedges from urbanog will match practically anything and can take me from work to play, and day to night - something I definitely need this summer with my hectic schedule! Comfy and chic - yes please! 
    That's all for today! If you have any suggestions on what I listed above, please do share! Also feel free to share your favorites - I love hearing what other people are using/wearing.

    PS: I tweaked my blog a bit (the pages above with more contact info that's easily accessible), and will continue to do so over the next few weeks - stay tuned for some (hopefully) big changes!