April 28, 2011

Princess for a Day: Accessorize Yourself for the Royal Wedding!

The long-awaited Royal Wedding is less than 24 hours away - are you prepared?! I'm saying this as if we are all attending the ceremony ourselves, but it truly is a beautiful and special event that is happening very soon (less than 24 hrs folks)! For those of you excited for the royal festivities, it's time to start planning your day, or night, or early morning wherever you are in the world!

The ceremony takes place in the UK at 11am BST, but of course TV coverage will begin much earlier with Kate Middleton's procession, a close-up on the guests arriving, and gossip, speculation and general input about the wedding dress, the shoes, the ring and other royal treats! For those of you on the east coast of the U.S. (like myself!), the ceremony begins at 6am (oh my goodness!), while for those on the west coast, it starts at 3am. TV coverage will begin much earlier, and once it is over, there will be endless hours, days, and weeks of re-runs and discussion about the event!

Although I'm not in the UK where I'm sure everyone will be celebrating on pretty much every corner, I do work at a UK-based accessory store - Accessorize! We've been just as excited and prepared as if we were in the middle of all the festivities. Of course, our store has always carried items with Union Jack symbols and been British-filled, but the past week has all been dedicated to the Royal Wedding! Take a look below to view our royal items - from accessories to party decor and baking tools - and if you happen to be in an area where an Accessorize is located (in the U.S it's Virginia, D.C., New York, or New Jersey), stop by and pick up your royal treatment today to treat yourself like a princess and accessorize your Royal Wedding party!

***Tomorrow at Accessorize - Tyson's Corner Center in Virginia, we will be hosting a tea party in honor of the Royal Wedding. Stop by for some delicious tea and royal treats & accessories, for a tasteful tidbit of the celebration! 


What will you be wearing to celebrate the Royal Wedding? 
Are you attending a party in honor of the ceremony?
Share your excitement and general thoughts in the comments!

info via nowpublic
images via Accessorize

April 25, 2011

Step into a Sheer Bliss this Spring!

photo via stylebakery
When most people think of sheer fabrics, we don’t necessarily imagine something classy but likely more risque…right?!  This spring however, designers are layering their sheer pieces in unique ways that allow all age groups, body types, and styles to embody the trend and look chic while doing so!

In crisp whites and neutrals (also a trend for the spring!) - as well as a variety of other colors, of course - the beauty of this trend is that you can make an effortlessly sexy-chic and appropriate look by layering long, flowy skirts, pants over short opaque bottoms, or sheer lace tops over a solid camisole.  To express the sheer look to the streets, opt for transparent layers over body concealing opaques – don’t forget to look for garments that add weight and texture so you stray away from anything risque! As far as accessorizing, I wouldn't go overboard; instead, I would stick with the whole minimal feel of the sheer trend by including long necklaces and earrings - perhaps with feathers and/or charms - and a few bangles and interesting rings.Think modern boho-chic here, ladies!

From saving to splurging, here are three stylish ways to create a feminine, ethereal presence in your wardrobe:

    •    Save: Forever 21 Lace Peplum Top
    •    Spend: Free People Maxi Godet Sheer Slip
    •    Splurge: American Retro Fine Jersey Color-Block Dress

If you have any questions, or tips yourself, please share in the comments!


April 16, 2011

How-to: Jeggings for Your Body Shape

You’ve seen them, you’ve judged them, and you’ve definitely considered purchasing them – but the real question is, how do you actually wear jeggings? Although they may seem intimidating, awkwardly stylish, or too ‘80s for your liking, stars like Jessica Alba and Beyonce are flaunting them on the streets and denim designers such as Diesel and Seven for All Mankind are offering up multiple variations of the style.  The most important factor to take into consideration with this trend is to choose a type that works best for your body shape, or you're bound to end up on the 'what not to wear' list - eek! By keeping the following tips in mind, you'll be able to pull off this trend effortlessly, and enhance your figure enormously!

Basic Tips
  • Know your body type before wearing jeggings
  • Fashion should not be followed blindly if you are not comfortable in it
  • Make sure to experiment before making a purchase to see the fit by bending, sitting, and standing, and choosing the one that is most comfortable for you at any moment
  • Jeggings are not just an alternative to leggings – you can pair them up with long tops, stylish tees, modern jackets/blazers, and various other styles
Body Type

  • Linear Shape – You’re considered long, slender, and have few, if any, curves. Try pairing gray jeggings with a long tunic, and/or layering on a jacket to create the illusion of curves, and finish it off with a lively pair of ballet flats or neutral pumps – this is sure to draw attention to your long legs and height!
  • Apple Shape – Apple shapes carry more weight on the top half than their bottom half. This means that when worn properly, jeggings can enhance your assets- your legs – while concealing your upper body. Try a flowy tunic in a dark, neutral color, which will lightly slim the body down, paired with cropped jeggings and peep-toe booties to elongate your leg-line.
  • Pear Shape – Pears carry their weight below the waist and generally tend to be curvy in this area. High-waisted jeggings would be best for this body shape to ensure a perfect fit and keep you covered without creating an unflattering top.  Try a printed tunic which will draw attention upward and your favorite pair of heels to elongate your leg-line.
  • Hourglass Shape – If you have curves both above and below the waist, you are classified as an hourglass.  Make sure to choose jeggings that enhance these curves even more – darker washes minimize your hips and thighs – pair these with a vibrant tunic and belt it to accentuate your waist!
  • To create a long and lean look, choose something that stops either above or below your widest point and you’ll look super chic.
Wearing them like actual pants – DO’s and DONT’s
  • If you’re rocking the style sans pockets, avoid pairing them with any top that doesn’t hit your hipbone
  • If the jeggings have pockets and/or are high-waisted, you’re in the clear! Pockets add structure, so if you pair your bottoms with a top that hits your hip, it won’t look as though you are simply wearing tights. Tuck in your favorite white button-up into your high-waist jeggings for a classic, clean look.
  • Jeggings are created differently than regular jeans - they have a slimmer fit and may have you end up in a risque-zone if you're not careful! To avoid this, you need to add more structure and definition - do this with your bold shoes, accessories, and tops!
Short vs Long
  • Avoid wearing shorter pairs with heels, as they will leave an awkward gap of skin at your ankles that when accentuated by the added height, will draw even more (negative) attention.
  • Do pair short jeggings with flats, such as ballet style, oxfords, or for cooler weather, tuck the jeggings into your favorite pair of boots.
  • When sporting a longer pair of jeggings, keep in mind that the look is more like jeans so it’s easier to pull off with shorter tops.
  • Wear longer pairs with sandals or heels for a glamorous, more modern look.
  • For a more flattering look, stick with a dark wash in a thicker fabric for a smooth, sexy silhouette.
  • If you are very comfortable with your legs and want to show them off like no other, pick up a pair of light wash jeggings and pair them with your favorite heels.  Similar to styling dark wash jeggings, pick a flowy top in a darker color to make your jeggings & legs stand out even more.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns and washes such as floral, acid wash, and light pinstripe.

Now that we know jeggings are a definite trend to experiment with and have some key know-how information, go forth and conquer comfortably!

Share your comments below!


April 15, 2011

Betsey Does Derby With Quirky Hats!

If you have been following me for a while, you know by now my undying love for Betsey Johnson. Her quirky attitude, eccentric designs, and above all, her tremendous heart, always make her stand out from other designers and that's what I love about her most (among many other factors, of course!) Recently, she has taken her innovative ideas and compassion to good causes with... hats! For the upcoming Kentucky Derby, Chambord asked Betsey to design a few hats for the horse race, to benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition under the 'Drink the Pink" campaign. A cause that's dear to Betsey's heart (she's a survivor!), she went above and beyond anyone's imagination, with hats that could be fitted to the liking of the Mad Hatter!

"I wanted to do over-the-top hats, and when you think of it, the Kentucky Derby is one big fashion show," Betsey told WWD. "I've designed three [pink] hats - the Barbie Hat, which I adore and is so much fun; the Rose Hat, which also has whimsical looking spiders and bugs; and the Cleopatra-meets-Scarlett Hat, which has a pink wig." How Betsey of her!

As ornate as they are, I would love to have one - or all - in my possession! Any true Betsey Girl would strut down any street in one (; Betsey will be auctioning off the Barbie Hat at the brunch at Gilda's Club of Louisvile at the May 6 and 7 festivities, while the Rose Hat will be auctioned off on April 26 at BiddingforGood.com. The third hat will be featured in a contest on the Chambord Facebook page! Stay tuned for details and your chance to win (:

The hats! Which one is your favorite? 

Betsey Johnson via Shannon Sinclair
Betsey Johnson via Shannon Sinclair

Betsey Johnson via Shannon Sinclair


April 13, 2011

Winter to Spring Transition Essentials

I'm sure many of us have a difficult time transitioning from a cold-weather season to the sunshine and warm breezes. Spring is an excellent time to experiment with your wardrobe and discover new and creative ways to enhance your personal style. I've come up with a few simple tips and key essential items that will instantly transform your dark-palette winter wardrobe to a sunny spring one, without any worry or hesitation. Of course, play around with these items to cater to your own unique style. Let's take a look!

neutral blazer

Invest in this minimal trend in various styles depending on your outfit of choice!
  • chic & modern - to wear over a soft blouse and cropped pants
  • boyfriend - to wear over a crisp white shirt paired with your favorite pair of skinnies
  • unconventional & edgy - with detailing like drapery and/or embellishments paired with bold jewelry for a sophisticated yet modern look 


    While it’s still a bit cool out, try pairing shorts over a fun pair of tights - solid in a neutral or bright color palette or patterned - with a basic, striped, or floral top or a ruffle blouse tucked in for a sophisticated office look. Don't forget to accessorize - lightweight scarves are especially nice for the spring. High-waisted shorts are also not only appropriate for work and a hit trend right now, but they make your legs look miles high!

    t-shirt & shirt dresses

    Put away your sweatshirts and sweater dresses to stock up on lightweight shirt and trench dresses! A go-to weekend top that has evolved into an easy dress silhouette, it’s so easy-chic, just about any length will do.

    A few tips...

    Don't wear it as a dress if you know you will be at an event that calls for tons of movement. Length is important as well - if it's too long, it can tend to look like a coat; and too short may risk you looking too risque! Wear something underneath, even if it's a pair of fitted shorts or a slip - you want something between your skin and the coat-dress!

    Accessorize to make it look more like a dress and less like a coat: add a wide belt that cinches your waist tightly to greatly enhance your shape. Then, add shoes that match the belt or bag, to create a defined and chic outfit. Pile on some bold jewelry and you're ready to stomp the streets!

    • patterned - try this look in bright stripes for a fun play on the typical neutral stripe - you'll surely be the captain of your ship that day (;
    • trench-dress – a trench-dress is an excellent example of transferring an item clothing into a completely new piece. Perfect for the spring, it takes less than a minute to put on and will leave you looking super chic and feeling so comfortable. Easily transferable from work to play as well!
    • loose, classic tee - a classic style tee in a long, loose fit is comfortable, easy-chic and can instantly be amped up with accessories

      Longer lengths and wide-leg pants are a huge hit this season, and they definitely call for structured wedges! A super fun item to include in your spring wardrobe, wedges are easier (at least for me!) to walk in and spice up an outfit in an instant.Try them in a netrual hue with cork, leather or wood detailing; in vibrant colors for an instant outfit pick-me-up, or color-blocked to go with this seasons vivid trend!

      Juuuust a few of my favorites!


      wedges by abcDanah featuring platform heels

      I hope you all have a better understanding now of how to transition your winter wardrobe into spring, by including these stylish essentials! If you have any questions about a particular trend, whether mentioned or not, please share in the comments! Also, let me know what YOUR go-to winter-to-spring items are and how you style them!


      April 9, 2011

      How-to: Effortlessly Chic

      Effortlessly Chic

      Effortlessly Chic by abcDanah featuring betsey johnson jewelry

      Pssst! I'm back (: Will be posting a number of posts I've written in the past month or so that I have been gone. Bare with me while I get those up (so I won't spam you all at once heh), and afterward I will be back up and running for good - hooray!

      Looking like you’ve spent hours with a personal stylist when truthfully your final look just took a couple of minutes to assemble is one of the many amazing perks of fashion.  This is the secret behind chic, effortless dressing – a concept I adopted after realizing how demanding my social calendar, personal life, work and family are.  With events popping up spontaneously, I needed to make some major adjustments to my prep time before heading out to start my day!  After going through trial and error discovering my own personal style, I am now able to choose perfect pieces that offer instant style, in just that …. an instant! When I’m not in a hurry and actually have time to pick out my outfit very carefully, I tend to go for bold colors, like solid jewel tones, or loud patterns, such as plaid and floral.  However, because I am on the go and sometimes unsure of where my day will take me, I prefer sticking with neutrals and pastels, as I can easily enhance them by accessorizing for an easy pick me up and to transfer the look from day to night.

      There’s no such thing as having too many basic mini-dresses, which is is why I chose this tight fit one by MBYM featuring a round neckline with a hemline just above the knee.  In a warm pink shade, it’s a modern pop of color that can be paired with just about any cardigan, blazer, or jacket.  Layering is essential, practical, and fashionable for any time of day and season.  Instead of pairing it with a solid layer, I decided to go with a stripe silk cardigan.  A true wardrobe essential for the spring, this statement neutral and black stripe cardi with a beautiful draping effect looks perfect over the warm coral mini-dress.  Since it’s still a bit cool out (sadly!), I also added a pair of brocade sweater tights by Anna Sui to keep me warm and still looking stylish!

      As far as shoes go, an all time favorite of mine which debuted once again last fall was the oxford style.  Normally, I would pair an outfit like this with heeled ankle booties; however, since I’m on the go, I need something more practical while still looking chic.  At Loeffler Randall, they have set out to create the perfect lifestyle assortment for the chic, modern girl – a shoe that possesses an understated elegance, is well cut, and undeniably feminine.  The rubber material is perfect for the warm, rainy, spring weather which is slowly (and fortunately!) sneaking up on us.  Pounding the pavement in a polished new way, once chic step at a time!

      Now let’s say I received a last-minute phone call telling me I was invited to a cocktail after work at a new trendy hot spot.  With no time to run home and change, I don’t need to worry!  I reach into my drawer for my jewelry stash where I find the perfect accessories to go with my outfit: layered chain necklaces, a large, bold, geometric bangle, leather and chain charm bracelets, jeweled hoop earrings, and a striking ring.  Furthermore, I switch my wool western style hat with delightful bow hair clips to give my style more charm; and toss a black jersey lace scarf in my Diesel crossbody bag to add more feminine touches with a bit of edge. Lastly, for daytime, I include a pair of House of Harlow 1960 Marie sunglasses in black.  These shades are classic, yet modern, with the square shape and smooth, forward-thinking finish.

      For a quick beauty-do, I go for the basics – for daytime, it’s all about pretty French pink nails, strawberry rose blush, and fresh pink lipstick; and for night, add a jet black bold gel eyeliner with volume mascara.  I wouldn’t be caught anywhere without my planner, and this one by kate spade is known for its charming clean lines, classic aesthetic details, and storage pouch for business cards, essential notes, and the like!

      This outfit and style shouts fun, feminine, effortlessly chic, and ready for just about anything that may come my way.  Try to experiment with your own effortlessly chic routine until you find something that’s quick, easy, and catered to your own personal style!

      What is your "go-to" outfit when you're on the run? 
      Share your thoughts and any questions or ideas below!

      Have a wonderful weekend!