October 10, 2011

Unique Paper Art

While there are many matters that inspire me in the fashion world, there is also an endless amount of artistic findings I come across from day to day, which also heavily inspire me in some way or another.

U.K-based artist Jennifer Collier creates beautiful work from found and recycled papers, giving 'new life to items that would otherwise get thrown away.' She focuses on fabricating work from paper by bonding, waxing, trapping, and stitching. As a result, she brings forth incredible paper 'fabrics', which can be used as unique decor for any household. Treated as cloth, the papers use a main technique of stitching - a contemporary twist on traditional textiles. The narrative of books and newspapers serve as the focal inspiration and media for her work and suggest the final outcomes.

I'm normally not a fan of 'green art', unless it's something completely out of the ordinary; and in this case, Jennifer's work is truly just that. I can't fathom how someone can take pieces of paper and produce something so extraordinary, making the 'product' look like a real, solid, hard form. Take a look at some of her artwork below, and to see and discover more, visit her website here!


  1. I love this artist, I came across her a few months ago. I love that she does workshops for kids too, what an awesome creative experience for them.


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